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Computer System Specialist
Network Specialist #1018

Business, Information Management and Marketing

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Network Specialist #1018 - Tape Number: 1018

Career Profile:
Network Specialist #1018

This computer systems specialist began his career in computer technology overseas while in the Marines. He was stationed in Japan about the time major computer systems were being installed in military bases in the Orient. Due to the shortage of skilled computer technicians and his self-learned computer skills, he volunteered to assist. Although he did not complete a college degree, he had training similar to someone with a college degree.

It was put to good use when he returned to the Midwest and quickly found a job as a computer systems specialist with a large corporation.

As a computer-networking specialist, he spends a lot of time listening and problem-solving. He loves keeping up with current technology and says if he could have any computer in the world, he'd build it himself.

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Geographically speaking, is there a best area of the country to be located in? AUDIO TEXT
Where can you find out what jobs in this field are available? AUDIO TEXT
What has been the worst computer problem you have ever fixed? AUDIO TEXT
Is it true there are greater security risks with wireless? AUDIO TEXT
Is there stress in your job? AUDIO TEXT
At what age did you begin your career? AUDIO TEXT
What is your stance on full disclosure? AUDIO TEXT
How do you keep up with all the new technology? AUDIO TEXT

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