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Geologist #1227

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences

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Career Profile:
Geologist #1227

Geology is a career that offers many different options. A geologist can focus on areas such as rocks, land formations, water and many more. This geologist works in hydrogeology - or the study of water...specifically, groundwater. Groundwater is deep beneath the surface of the land. Water doesn't flow like a river beneath the surface. It simply means that all of the rocks and soil at the groundwater level are totally saturated with water. It's the job of this geologist to study that groundwater. By studying it, he can help decide good locations for building and farming. He can determine if harmful chemicals have influenced the quality of groundwater.

Sciences -- biology and chemistry -- are used on the job daily. Math is also important as this career quite often requires calculations and measurements. A college education is a must in the field of geology. A bachelors degree will earn an entry level position in this field but a masters degree is the "working" degree of a geologist.

This geologist feels that the combination of the indoors and outdoors is a great part of this job. He gathers data in the field then analyzes that data in the office. This is definitely a career for someone who likes science and enjoys the outdoors!

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