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Project Superintendent
Project Superintendent #1205

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences

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Career Profile:
Project Superintendent #1205

This project superintendent coordinates field activities for a construction company. He does this by tracking the status of each activity and recording changes on a master schedule. Before a construction project can begin, six basic elements of an effective workplace must be in place. They include information, environment, materials, manpower, equipment and tools. If a crew is missing or lacking any part of one of these elements, it is his job to get those elements in place.

As a senior in high school, he was involved in a work program where he went to high school half the day and then went to work as a brick layer's tender half the day. His goal was to eventually be a bricklayer.

After working for a couple of years, the economy took a turn and it was difficult to find work in brick laying. He got a job as a construction worker. After several years of experience, participation in a four-year apprenticeship program and classes in task training and leadership, he "climbed the ladder" to his present position of project superintendent.

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How do you become a project superintendent? AUDIO TEXT
How much do project superintendents make? AUDIO TEXT
How many people are typically on your crews? AUDIO TEXT
Does the college or apprenticeship route allow you to become a project superintendent faster? AUDIO TEXT
Are you involved in interviewing new employees? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work weekends? AUDIO TEXT
What are your starting wages for your entry level employees, and who determines the amount? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work during winter months? AUDIO TEXT
What was your journey in becoming a project superintendent? AUDIO TEXT
Do you subcontract out work? AUDIO TEXT
Are there opportunities for women in this field? AUDIO TEXT
Would you make more money in this field with a high school or college education? AUDIO TEXT
During an interview, what would you look for in a person if they had no experience? AUDIO TEXT
Do you work with high-rise construction, and does that involve welders? AUDIO TEXT
Are communication skills important? AUDIO TEXT
What is involved in the firing process of an employee? AUDIO TEXT
Would you recommend college or an apprenticeship? AUDIO TEXT
Are you using a lot of advanced technology in your current project? AUDIO TEXT
What classes can students take right now to prepare for this career AUDIO TEXT
How do you get your supplies? AUDIO TEXT
Do you get involved with legal issues in your business? AUDIO TEXT
Is bidding how you receive projects from customers? AUDIO TEXT
Are you in charge of building permits? AUDIO TEXT
How do you put together a schedule with so many different people and steps? AUDIO TEXT
How important is it to get jobs done on time? AUDIO TEXT

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