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Driver #1186

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences

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Career Profile:
Driver #1186

This package delivery driver worked his way up through the ranks. After high school, he started with the company as a loader/unloader. Within the first year, he was promoted to a part-time manager position. He was in this position for ten years before getting the coveted job of package delivery driver.

He begins each day at company headquarters where he picks up the package car. He drives to his designated delivery area and begins his route. Since the “next day air” and other special deliveries need to be made by a certain hour in the morning, he takes care of this first. He then delivers the remaining packages. The loaders at company headquarters load his truck the night before. They load the packages in the order they need to be delivered. Once the day’s packages have been delivered, he begins picking up new packages. He has a set schedule each afternoon when businesses expect their packages to be picked up.

He works extensively with a computer DIAD board. DIAD stands for Delivery Information Acquisition Device. The DIAD board is what customers sign when he delivers a package. It is also used to scan packages as they are delivered, allowing the company to track each package. The DIAD is also a means of communication with company headquarters.

He says computer, math and people skills are the most important elements for his job. He also says physical endurance and safety are essential. He enjoys the diversity of the job, and says each day is different. He would like to continue in this career for a long, long time.

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