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Environmental Services Supervisor
Director of Environmental Services #1176

Agriscience and Natural Resources

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Career Profile:
Director of Environmental Services #1176

As the world gets smaller, industry continues to grow. This is why it is increasingly important for companies to ensure they are not harming the environment and the organisms living there.

As Director of Environmental Services, this career professional monitors and enforces within her company the environmental guidelines set up by the Environmental Protection Agency. She leads a small team, which can be deployed onto the company floor to perform environmental compliance audits or to a local landfill to monitor waste generated by her company. Even though the company's waste ranges from used chemical solvents to plastic containers, they must all be dealt with cautiously.

Although this career professional is currently working in Iowa, she has worked at various environmental settings throughout the United States. At some job sites in the past she was required to suit up in protective gear to conduct remedial investigations of hazardous waste sites.

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