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Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer #1170

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences

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Career Profile:
Mechanical Engineer #1170

This mechanical engineer loves to build things -- big things. She comes by it honestly, growing up in another state, where members of her family work in the automotive industry. Science and mathematics were favorite subjects in school. Math being such a strength, she originally planned to become an accountant. However, in college she realized that she wanted to see more tangible results from her work and putting numbers on paper wasn't going to be enough. That is when she decided to become a mechanical engineer.

Working for an international metal company in Iowa, she is entrusted with multi-million dollar accounts. Her work contributes to building trucks, trains, boats, airplanes and even space shuttles! One project hopes to make aluminum mills safer for the environment. Using the math and sciences, such as chemistry, she enjoys the challenges and responsibilities of helping build big things. If it drives, flies or floats, her company probably produced the aluminum for it.

She is also quick to point out that people and communication skills are needed every day in presenting ideas to both coworkers and management. Being an engineer opens doors to many career opportunities, from the plant floor to the board room. But for now, she loves what she's doing -- building big things!

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