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Aircraft Pilot
Chief Pilot #1032

Engineering, Industrial and Technological Sciences

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Chief Pilot #1032 - Tape Number: 1032

Career Profile:
Chief Pilot #1032

This aircraft pilot is the chief pilot for a private airline company in Iowa. He flies charter flights all over North America.

Most of the time he flies local corporate executives to meetings, which he enjoys because many of the meetings are in warmer climates in the winter months.

He begins preparation for such a flight by talking with the flight dispatcher and aviation weather forecasters to find out weather conditions on the route and at the final destination. He then chooses a route, altitude and speed that should provide the fastest, safest, and smoothest flight. He prides himself in the care he takes in planning flights. His final plan is submitted to the air traffic controller. Just prior to the flight, he inspects the plane to make sure that systems are functioning properly. He feels it is important to greet his passengers and learn their names, since many fly with him often. During the flight, he communicates with air traffic controllers and monitors computerized controls and instruments. After landing he visits with his passengers about their plans to confirm the return flight and then completes records on the flight.

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How did the September 11 tragedy affect your industry? AUDIO TEXT
How much does you private pilots license cost? AUDIO TEXT
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Are there any vision requirements to be a pilot? AUDIO TEXT
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Was your time in the Army beneficial? AUDIO TEXT
Did you fly planes in the Army? AUDIO TEXT
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Have you ever flown a jet? AUDIO TEXT
What airline would you prefer working for? AUDIO TEXT
How many years of college have you taken? AUDIO TEXT
How long would it take to advance to a corporate job? AUDIO TEXT
Have you ever flown out of the country? AUDIO TEXT
What high school classes would you recommend students take? AUDIO TEXT
Could you get the flying instruction you need in the Army? AUDIO TEXT
Have you ever had a major accident? AUDIO TEXT
Do you believe in letting pilots carry guns? AUDIO TEXT
What kind of weather is bad for flying? AUDIO TEXT
Have you ever had someone try to break into your cockpit? AUDIO TEXT
What skills do you need for your job? AUDIO TEXT
Is your hearing important? AUDIO TEXT
Do you think that flying is safe? AUDIO TEXT
Do you need to undergo physicals regularly? AUDIO TEXT
Are there a lot of opportunities in the future for this profession? AUDIO TEXT
How many hours are your instructing classes? AUDIO TEXT
What type of costs are involved in flying? AUDIO TEXT
Where did you learn to fly? AUDIO TEXT
Is there discrimination against females in this profession? AUDIO TEXT
Do you need to carry parachute with you at all times? AUDIO TEXT

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