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Chief Curator
Chief Curator #1123

Family and Human Services

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Chief Curator #1123 - Tape Number: 1123

Career Profile:
Chief Curator #1123

This chief curator has always had an interest in history. In college, he earned a bachelor's degree in American history. Because he did not want to teach, he decided to attend law school. However, after a year of law school he quit and joined the army. He then obtained his master's degree in museum practice. After working at a couple of different museums, he moved to Iowa and has been a curator at a historical museum for more than 12 years.

He spends ten percent of his time on administrative duties, including phone calls and letter writing. The rest of his time is spent on deciding what exhibits need to be displayed. Once he has decided, he researches and acquires objects to be displayed. He carefullly categorizes and cares for the items while they are in his possession. He also works with a designer and conservator to plan and open the display for public viewing.

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