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Anglers everywhere have fisheries biologists to thank for providing quality fishing in lakes, rivers and ponds. The process of introducing fish to these bodies of water is called stocking, and our fisheries biologist, Mike, must carefully manage those resources.

Like other biologists, Mike studies living things and their relationships to their environment. He has an extensive knowledge of different species of fish as well as other living organisms and environmental factors. Mike uses computers and complex research techniques to decide what species will thrive in different ecosystems.

As a fisheries biologist, Mike oversees the raising of fish from infancy to adulthood, and once released into lakes, rivers and ponds he evaluates their progress. This is one of the most fun parts of his job.

Using different techniques, he catches fish and records their size, weight and general health. With this data, he is able to plan for future fish stocking and inform anglers of specifics in the fish population. Since Mike works with people almost as often as he works with fish, he uses his communication and public relation skills just as frequently as he uses his biology skills.

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