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The Physician

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The Physician


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View the video and see what happens during a day in the life of a physician.

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Take the Challenge

Now that you've seen what a physician's day can be like, see if you have what it takes to do the job by performing a challenge activity. Read the "Set Up," then figure out the answers. Check your answer when you're done.

Set Up:
My patient is a senior high school student and the star quarterback on the football team. He will make All-state and hopes to play in college. He has a hernia, which can only be fixed by an operation. If he has an operation, he will miss the football season. If he plays with the hernia, he may get a severe complication and even threaten his life.

Figure This Out:

What are the issues, as seen by all parties: the student, his parents, the football coach, classmates, the community, the surgeon? How is the decision made: based on facts, statistics, emotions or other factors? What do you, his physician, advise your patient?

Check your answer!


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