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Virtually all of the casings for today's necessities, such as cellular phones, toothbrushes, washing machine parts, highway barricades and computer monitors were created by mold makers. Production companies hire mold makers to take complex blueprints and create intricate molds to be used to mass produce a specific part. Hans oversees this entire process as the owner of his own mold making company.

Originally educated on the shop floor as an apprentice, Hans actually began his career journey in a tool and die shop. Although tool and die and mold making are closely related, Hans transferred into a mold making concentration after his first year of apprenticeship. Hans quickly worked his way out of the apprenticeship into the roles of a journeyman, foreman and then plant manager.

Today, as a business owner, Hans insists that mold making is not "production work." Each new mold presents an entirely different challenge and must be painstakingly mapped into their CAD (Computer Assisted Design) computers. Once finished, the designs are sent to their CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) computers where the machines on the shop floor are programmed to cut the mold.

Hans believes this rapidly advancing industry possesses many opportunities for anyone who is focused and enjoys working with his or her mind.

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