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The field of biochemistry can be quite diverse. It's a growing area that studies the chemical composition of living things. A biochemist may investigate chemical combinations and reactions, conduct research to determine the effect of drugs on the tissues and organs of animals and human beings, or study the chemistry of living processes such as cell formation and digestion. Using computers to record and analyze data in addition to writing reports and doing presentations are all a part of a biochemist's job.

Most biochemists choose an area of expertise and immerse themselves in it. Margit specializes in agricultural biotechnology. She develops ways to genetically transform corn. Transformation is putting a foreign gene into a corn cell and integrating it into the plant's genetic profile. For instance, her work may result in a new line of seed corn that is resistant to a particular insect or disease. Transformation changes the genetic makeup of a corn plant, which could increase the yield and quality of a corn crop. When she began her career as a researcher in 1986, this process was not possible in corn.

Along the path to this career, Margit received support from some teachers and discouragement from others. Learn how she kept her career focus and met her goals. Use her story to become motivated and form your own career plan!

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