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Imagine undergoing an operation in the days before anesthesia. Ouch! Stories about soldiers biting a bullet or drinking excesses of alcohol illustrate methods used to relieve the pain of amputation. Thanks to scientific advances in medicine, today nurse anesthetists ease the pain of surgery.

Nurse anesthetists are sometimes known as the people who are last seen when you go to sleep in the operating room but gone when you wake up. For this reason the job of a nurse anesthetist may not get a lot of attention.

Duties of a nurse anesthetist include reviewing reports on the patient's general health and history, interviewing the patient prior to surgery and selecting the best "recipe" of drugs and techniques to put the patient to sleep. John enjoys the satisfaction gained from nurse anesthesia and actually became interested in this career in ninth grade.

Learn more about John's career and what path brought him here. Currently, there is an acute shortage of nurse anesthetists so this might be the healthcare career for you!

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