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School to Careers

School to Careers is a career development project for 7-12th grade students, educators and parents. Through video, Web and interactive activities students are introduced to career professionals, projects and ideas that help them identify their interests and plan for their futures.

Over 200 career professionals are profiled on the Web site through video, photos and text. Through discussion boards and interactive activities students gain a realistic portrait of a variety of career pathways.

Ten of the math and science profession profiles are enhanced with additional information. Findings in a study conducted by the University of Chicago and funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation concluded that many adolescents have high ambitions, but few are aware of the practical steps they must take to achieve those career ambitions. Parents and schools are instrumental in helping students "align" their educational and occupational ambitions. The resources provided in the "Enhanced Careers" link enable students, with the support of parents and educators, to construct a strategic plan for future career ambitions.

The School to Careers project offers these career development resources: Iowa Educators can sign up for sessions through the calendar: Additional resources about engineering, mathematics and physical science careers are available through the Sloan Career Cornerstone Series. This collaborative effort of eleven professional societies describes some of the diverse career paths open to engineers, mathematicians and physical scientists.

To learn more about the Cornerstone Series go to www.careercornerstone.org.


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The School to Careers project is supported by funds from a USDE Star Schools grant.
Enhanced Careers made possible through a generous grant provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The views presented on this site do not necessarily reflect those of Iowa Public Television; nor does IPTV endorse the businesses represented. Our mission is to make students aware of a variety of careers with as much objective information as possible.